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Aii Language Center, Takeo Campus

Takeo Campus was founded as the eight campus of the Aii Language Center. The campus was established to serve the demand for quality education in the middle to high income residential suburb.
It is an eight-storey building with the land size of 444.16 m2 and the capacity to accommodate up to 1250 students

Pre-kid Program (Age 3-5)

Kid Program (KID) (Age 6-12)

General English Program (Age 12+)

Diploma Program( Business English, Public Speaking )

Chinese as a Second Language Program



The 1st Aii-TAK Field Trip to Phum Domnak Domrey
Aii Language Center Concludes Dynamic New Term Orientation with Neak Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach
Aii Language Center Hosts Memorable New Teacher Induction Ceremony
The 19th Mengly J. Quach Spelling Bee
No event found!

Aii Language Center, research and innovation play a central role in the advancement of students learning. They foster quality learning, strengthen technological progress, and enhance the language.


Aii Language Center holds various events throughout the year for students and staff. Students and teachers take lead in organizing school events. It is a great opportunity to learn cooperation, teamwork and leadership skills while making memories that will last forever. From the Halloween Haunted House (fundraising event) to our annual Spelling Bee Contest, students, teachers and the Academic Team work in unison to bring everyone together.


Are you ready to be part of Aii Language Centers?

Applicants are admitted on the basis of their placement test and oral interview results, which takes about one hour. They will be place into different levels according to their English ability.

Mengly J. Quach Foundation

We are committed to improving the life and well-being of the most vulnerable population through the provision of basic necessities (health, education, etc.).We have been expanding our area of focus and work by encouraging and inspiring our youth’s talent, innovation, creativity, self-dependence and pragmatism in many ways possible.